wpa_supplicant does not work properly with some USB adapters on WinXP

Adrian Nistor anistor
Tue Aug 22 00:57:41 PDT 2006

The idea to do the SELECTs in the opposite order and keep an
InstanceName-to-GUID mapping is great. It will decrease the number of WMI
calls per event and save a lot of time as WMI is notably slow.

I could not find any relevant documentation regarding the source of the
InstanceName from WMI. I did some investigation and found the weird
behaviour regarding USB adapters I described in the previous mail (it can be
seen also in the log file I sent). In the process, I also found that the
InstanceName matches the Name from the Win32_PNPEntity instead.


On 8/21/06, Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at cc.hut.fi> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 06:43:52PM +0300, Adrian Nistor wrote:
> > sorry for the very late reply. In the attached ZIP file I included the
> > config file and the output of the supplicant that demonstrates the
> issue.
> > It is very probable that you cannot reproduce this benaviour unless you
> use
> > the same wireless card. Mine is a Sweex usb adapter based on the Ralink
> 2500
> > chipset. The issue also appeared with another 2 USB adapters from other
> > manufacturers.
> >
> > I also included in the ZIP the two source files I modified in order to
> fix
> > the defect. The sources are based on the snapshot published in
> 8-Aug-2006.
> Thanks! I was trying to understand the use of PNPDeviceID in the
> queries. Why is the Win32_PnPEntity class needed here? Is Name property
> in that class guaranteed to match with InstanceName in the events? Why
> not just use Name in Win32_NetworkAdapter?
> The problem for me is that I have found no documentation describing
> where that InstanceName is coming from. Win32_NetworkAdapter class has
> number of properties (Caption, Description, Name, ProductName) that
> could be used as the source or it could be something completely
> different..
> I'm actually considering of doing this in the opposite order, i.e.,
> mapping adapter GUID to InstanceName, i.e., something like this:
> SELECT Index FROM Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration
>    WHERE SettingID='{GUID}'
> SELECT Name FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter WHERE Index=idx
> This would need to be done only once and the matching of events could
> actually be left to WMI since the "SELECT * FROM
> MSNdis_StatusMediaConnect" type queries could actually be changed to
> "SELECT * FROM MSDNdis_StatusMediaConnect WHERE InstanceName='name'"
> (and that name would need to be the correct one; which could be Name
> from Win32_NetworkAdapter).
> In addition to limiting number of WMI queries and reducing latency for
> each event, this should also simplify the interface from ndis_events.c
> to driver_ndis*.c since events would be delivered only for the correct
> adapter. I would just like to get confirmation on what is exact source
> of InstanceName string in WMI..
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