Catchall example network block?

Kel Modderman kelrin
Fri Aug 18 15:16:31 PDT 2006

On Saturday 19 August 2006 06:18, Roy Marples wrote:
> Hi List
> A Gentoo user has quested this block being added to the example file
> (
> network={
>         ssid=
>         key_mgmt=NONE
> }
> Note, you don't actually need to have the ssid= line, key_mgmt=NONE is
> sufficient.
> This enables wpa_supplicant to connect to any unencrypted access point. A
> good thing to add as I myself didn't know that wpa_supplicant could do
> this.
> This has also highlighted a bug. When this block is used, wpa_cli status
> does not report an ssid - just can empty string. Would be nice if it filled
> in the ssid of the AP.

Does ssid="" do the same thing, but also return the ssid string of AP?

Thats what I've been using in the "connect to any open wlan" network block, 
and have not noticed the empty string phenomenon that you describe (but have 
not looked for it often either).

Thanks, Kel.

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