Multiple Reassociates don't reattempt.

George S. Lockwood gslockwood
Fri Aug 18 13:38:29 PDT 2006


I'm trying to send you a log file and the msg below, but it's bouncing back
because the attached file exceeds the 25k limit.  The total is 62k.  How can
I send you the log info you need to analyze my situation.

Do you think you can respond to my situation without the log??

pls. let me know your thoughts and if you need the log msgs, which I can
trim out because you don't need.....


Hello Jouni,

In an email last week, you kindly answered my qustions re: use cases.

I am trying to perform use case "C" which is connect to ap1, change id &
password, then try to reconnect to ap1, then change id & password again, and
again try to reconnect to ap1.

So several attempts all on the same ap1 / same network but with different

Your advice was to use "Reassociate" for repeated attempts with different

The behavior I am seeing is that if the I achieve a connection, I
Reassociate has no effect on the supplicant.  supplicant receives the msg
but does not react.

The order of my "connect" commands is "Select network" for the very first
attempt, then "Reassociate" for all the subsequent.

I've attached a console log file with the messages...


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