madwifi talking to intel 2011b - fixed, badly?

Stefan Rompf stefan
Thu Aug 17 13:28:37 PDT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 17. August 2006 06:23 schrieb Brad Langhorst:

>                              /*&& bss->wpa_ie_len == 0 &&
> bss->rsn_ie_len == 0 *$                            &&
> Why does wpa_ie_len have to be 0 if we just tried WPA mode and it didn't
> work and key_mgmt=NONE ?

Strange. I'm aware of APs that send a wpa/rsn_ie but accept both WPA and WEP 
associations for one SSID. This is some kind of migration mode to allow 
moving a network with a huge number of clients from WEP to WPA. However, if 
privacy is disabled this looks like a bug in the AP. Can you capture some 
beacons in monitor mode?


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