Should I enable ieee8021x or wpa?

李海波 hbli
Tue Aug 15 01:37:36 PDT 2006

I'm trying hostap 0.5.4 with madwifi driver 0.9.2.
I only want to use hostapd as a 802.11F module, no WPA nor 802.1X, is it OK?
Just now I found that if I comment the lines "ieee8021x=1" and "wpa=1" out
from config file, the HostAPd shutdown my wireless interface and encount an
error when flush old stations. I checked the code, said that if both
ieee8021x and wpa is disabled, hostapd_set_ieee8021x would never be called,
which is the only chance could the wireless interface get up again, which is
previously shutdown during init.

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