speedtouch 580

Santiago Garcia Mantinan hostap
Sun Aug 6 03:09:44 PDT 2006

> Thanks! These are otherwise fine, but for some reason, only the frames
> from client to the AP are included, not the frames in the other
> directions. I can probably figure out what is going on here even without
> full capture log, but it would be nice to get complete log.

I guess it is because the sniffer card couldn't receive the frames as the AP
is far away (on my cousin's house) and the card was a pcmcia card without
external antenna. The pcmcia card I have with a good antenna is only 802.11b
and that's why I used this one. I'll try to figure out how I can set things
so that I can capture with a better antenna.

> What would be the easiest mechanism for you to test some changes? I can,
> for example, create a set of patch files against the latest release
> (0.5.4).

Yes, that would be fine for me.

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