WPA_CLI: Difficulty switching from 1connection to another

George S. Lockwood gslockwood
Fri Aug 4 07:40:49 PDT 2006


Using Wpa_sup and cli 5.4 for Windows, I haven't (don't know the procedure?)
to connect to a network then disconnect and connect to another:

I have a config file with 3 or 4 network "profiles" all disabled=1.

   1. I start wpa_sup.  And it initializes properly (I think).

   2. I start wpa_cli (no parms).  I indeed have a connection between the
   2; I sucessful send commands to the sup via the cli app.

   3. I can successfully enable on of the networks and get it to
   connect.  I believe I do the following:
      1. list the networks
      2. enable the one I want
      3. select the one I want (not sure the difference between enable
      and select)
      4. reassociate.

      4. Then I disconnect.

   5. Trying to repeat the substeps of Step 3. to connect to a different
   network (or the same again) doesn't establish the connection.

I must be leaving out a step or the procedure is incorrect from the start.

any idea?

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