wpa_gui has no support for the new id_str option

Kel Modderman kelrin
Wed Aug 2 07:03:52 PDT 2006

Hi Jouni,

Felix Homann has noticed[0] that, when he uses wpa_gui to control 
wpa_supplicant behaviour and the "update_config=1" option is used, not only 
are all comments removed (as expected) but so are the 'id_str' options for 
each network. The 'id_str' option provides the underpinning for a roaming 
daemon that can be started by scripts in the debian wpasupplicant package.

I am not able to provide code to fix the problem myself, is there any chance 
you could look into that please?

Felix has been CC'd with this mail.

Thanks, Kel.


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