Bug#287220: wpa_supplicant and unkown open AP

Norbert Preining preining
Wed Mar 30 13:37:18 PST 2005

Dear Jouni!

On Mit, 30 M?r 2005, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Thanks. However, * is a valid SSID, so I'm not going to accept it as a
> special wildcard for something like this. Trivial change would be to
> change the test to be ssid_len == 0.. I'll merge this into the
> wpa_supplicant development tree after a quick test.

Oh, thanks for this, but please take at least 10secs to check wether
there are no other border cases. It *is* working in my setting, but I
couldn't test it with other cases. I just checked the messages of
wpa_supplicant -dd, got the function which is called for getting AP, and
added this one loop. Maybe there are other places where something
similar should be added.

Concerning * vs something else: Does this mean we will have to add
something like
or leave out the ssid entry completely?

Best wishes


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