Wpa_supplicant can not send associattion request

cathylilu cathyliu
Tue Mar 29 17:32:22 PST 2005


Dear All,

        I have some problems with wpa_supplicant v0.2.5+prism54. 

Prism54 do not support WPA. So I modify the prism54 based on initial patches
from Jouni Malinen  <mailto:jkmaline at cc.hut.fi> jkmaline at cc.hut.fi

Wpa_supplicant can not send ASSOC Req to the AP. 

Wpa_supplicant has following actions

       1. Scan

     2. Get_scan_result

     3. Set_wpa_ie, Set_freq, Set_ssid, Set_bssid

After Set_bssid, Wpa_supplicant can not trigger the dirver to send

Any comment for me, I will very appreciate.      


Thanks in advance.







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