Re-authentication issue

Bilal Shahid bilal_shahid4
Tue Mar 29 05:15:07 PST 2005


I am sorry if this question does not belong to this list but I am facing 
huge problems.

I am testing 802.11i (CCMP) re-authentication for wireless 802.11 station 
(supplicant). Access Point is Proxim Orinono AP600 and RADIUS Server is 
FreeRADIUS 1.0.1.

Now while the initial first time CCMP authentication goes on alright, the 
reauthentication just never happens. When the session_timeout on the RADIUS 
Server expires, re-authentication DOES start but it just never goes beyond 
the Access Point asking for Station/Supplicant for the ID (Req-ID). 
Supplicant responds with the proper ID but then nothing happens.

Access Point keeps on sending the Request-ID packets to the 
Station/Supplicant and the process never moves.

Could someone please tell me exactly is happening? Are there some special 
requirements for 802.1X "Re-authentication" with 802.11i (CCMP)?

Many thanks.


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