Selective scanning solution

Tony Espy espy
Mon Mar 28 16:17:36 PST 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:

> I just added support for selecting which channels to include in the
> scan. The current development snapshot from CVS includes new parameter,
> scan_channels (e.g., iwpriv wlan0 scan_channels 0x00ff) that is used to
> mask channels for scans (iwlist wlan0 scan).
> In addition, I fixed an issue with scan requests in host_roaming=2 mode.
> Previously, data connection died when this was done. Now the connection
> is restored automatically by re-joining (which does not actually do
> anything else than fixes firmware state).

Jouni --

This last paragraph is a bit of a surprise to me.  I've actually made 
some modifications to wpa_supplicant to allow another process to ask it 
to scan and/or associate via the control socket.  I haven't seen a 
problem with the connection dropping when this is done.

I'll try and pull down the latest code from CVS tomorrow.  What code did 
you change to allow the connection to be restored?

By the way, I'm using the HostAP driver ( v0.2.5 ).

Tony Espy
Pepper Computer

p.s. I haven't made my wpa_supplicant changes available as I intend to 
port them to 0.3.7 first, however if you ( or anyone else ) are 
interested in seeing them please let me know.

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