Bridge MAC addr learning from WiFi port

wayne liu waynix
Sun Mar 27 23:40:30 PST 2005

I was wondering what the consideration was when in bridge mode frames from 
one associated STA to another assocaietd STA are only sent back to wireless 
media, but not to the kernel network code. I know in terms of frames
reaching its
destination, this is the all that's needed, but wouldn't this hide the
traffic from
the bridge so that the forwarding database entry for the STA won't be 
refreshed ?  This would lead to only minor performance impact for bridging 
when e.g. a machine which talked to the WiFi STA earlier has a record of 
the STA (e.g. ARP entry) that ages slower that bridge's fdb, leading to 
flooding of future frames from that machine to the STA. 

I'm doing my own driver and planning to send such frames to both its dst and 
the bridge, or inform bridge of the active status of the STA by
sending Layer 2 XID
frames to the bridge to freshen up the fdb. Of course this incurs its
own overhead.

A brief explanation from Jouni would be appreciated.

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