Wireless Extensions - 18 and HostAP - extended scan request

Ajeet Nankani fromkth+hostap
Thu Mar 24 04:20:25 PST 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
  >>WE-18, defines extended scan request, which includes many options.
>>What options, in that extended scan request, from the following are 
>>supported by prism2/2.5/3-(1.7.4.) with HostAP 0.3.7 driver.
>>mode, scan_type, essid_len, num_channels, sockaddr bssid, essid, 
>>probe_delay, min_channel_time, max_channel_time.
> Actually, mode and probe_delay were removed from WE-18. Anyway, the
> current Host AP driver snapshot supports SSID selection for the scan
> (i.e., essid_len and essid from this list). 0.3.7 release allows SSID
> parameter, but its WE-18 support does not match completely with the
> version of wireless extensions that went in the wireless-2.6 tree.

This means we have play with RIDs directly to control extended scan 
options until HostAP driver and WE supports it completely

Do you know of any RIDs which may be used to manipulate  probe_delay, 
min_channel_time and ,max_channel_time. Because in prism manual, I could 
not find any RIDs useful for above options.

Also do you know of any other driver and or wireless tools which 
actually have implemented this extended scan request of WE-18.


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