HostAP Digest, Vol 23, Issue 27

Gopalakrishnan Raman graman
Wed Mar 23 18:02:53 PST 2005

Please also mail us the log of wpa_supplicant. I'm pretty sure that the
failure is because hostapd sends out the RSN IE in msg 3/4 and
the supplicant compares this with the IE that it saw in the beacon. There
must be a mismatch in the 2 IEs. I see that you have enabled RSN in
hostapd.conf. It turns out that the madwifi driver file ieee80211_output.c
has the function ieee80211_setup_rsn_ie() that does not always add the
2-byte RSN capabilities in the beacon. It adds it only if RSN capabilities
are configured. The hostapd on the other hand always adds the 2 byte
capabilites field (even if it is all 0). The fix is simple. Change the
following lines in the function ieee80211_setup_rsh_ie() as follows

	/optional capabilities */
	if (rsn->rsn_caps != 0)
		ADDSHORT(frm, rsn->rsn_caps);
	/* optional capabilities */
		ADDSHORT(frm, rsn->rsn_caps);

Recompile and re-install madwifi driver and try again
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