Selective scanning solution

Marcin Dabrowski daber
Tue Mar 22 22:27:17 PST 2005


	I studied Prism2 manual once more and I think I've found the
simpliest solution for selective scanning. Probe Request frames can
be sent by _RID_HOSTSCAN (RID FCE5) command. Then after card has received
probe response from chosen channels prism2_info_hostscanresults function
is invoked (haven't tested yet). It bases on HostScanResults (RID
F103). If given results are correct station can start
Authentication/Association phase by calling join request (RID FCE2).
Of course all of this works in roaming mode 2 (RID FC2D set on 3).

	But :), I don't know how can I find the right moment to start
scanning. Is there any function which is called when station looses
connectivity or which measures channel parameters permanently ??


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