storage size of `io' isn't known

Jeremy McNamara jj
Mon Mar 21 08:05:33 PST 2005

I have setup my own toolchain for the PC Engines WRAP board and Prism2 
mini-pci card.  When I compile the hostap driver I get the following 
error and warning from gcc 2.95.3.

make CC=i386-linux-gcc DESTDIR=/usr/src/wrap/rootfs
i386-linux-gcc -MMD -O2 -Wall -g -DHOSTAPD_DUMP_STATE -I. -I. -I../utils 
-I. -DCONFIG_DRIVER_HOSTAP   -c -o ctrl_iface.o ctrl_iface.c
ctrl_iface.c: In function `hostapd_ctrl_iface_send':
ctrl_iface.c:412: storage size of `io' isn't known
ctrl_iface.c:412: warning: unused variable `io'
make: *** [ctrl_iface.o] Error 1

My research has found that gcc has trouble determining the storage size 
when cross-compiling.   Does anyone know a work around for this? Google 
shows many other projects having this same trouble when their code is 

Thank you,

Jeremy McNamara

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