Selective scanning

Marcin Dabrowski daber
Mon Mar 21 07:18:11 PST 2005

Unfortunately prism2_request_hostscan is invoked only by "iwlist ...
scanning" command :( So i think it's useless :(
I'm afraid that the only way is to send probe request and process probe
responses :(


I am currently involved more or less into same kind of thing that is
selective scanning, but only in STA mode.

My task is to do selective active scanning, can you help me a little bit
where and what to change in scanning functions and or structures to
accomplish this scanning of particular channel.

Do i have to write separate program for that?

After reading the code, it seems that in file "hostap_ioctl.c" function

static int prism2_request_hostscan(struct net_device *dev,
                   u8 *ssid, u8 ssid_len

is called when the host requests a scan(RID FCE5).
In that function, channels to be scanned are copied from
>From inspecting RID-FCE5, it seems that this channel_mask gets channel
list from RID-FD10, but exactly where in the code this channel_mask gets
populated with the channel list. Can you point out this?

Also as this host scan (RID-FCE5) gives option to specify the subset of
channels to be scanned, so to implement that, only particular different
channels be scanned every time when it is called, should not be that much



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