Try to install HostAP on Fedora Core 3 but it don't work.

Radek Suski info.radek
Sun Mar 20 01:59:36 PST 2005



I tried to install HostAP (0.3.7) on my Laptop (HP xe3) with Fedora3.

I have the Kernel sources and, I think, all what I need.

I try to install hostAP (make, make Install) and it works. I have no Error
Message or something like that. After this installation I should have, if I
understand good, new device(s) called wlan0. But I don't have this. 

What make I wrong? 

Is it possible that this doesn't work because I have already an Ethernet
device called eth1 (prism/intersil) which was automatically created from

I don't understand why I have no any error message.

The system is new installed (extra to do this). I installed the kernel
sources by myself because Fedora doesn't include it.

Can someone help me?


Best regards,




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