OT: Wireless Cryptography

Robert Denier denier
Thu Mar 17 16:13:36 PST 2005

I apologize for this being slightly OT.  

If anyones interested in discussing the cryptographic design I made,
wireless network design, cryptography in general, electrical
engineering, signal processing, Labview, etc they are more than welcome
to join my new mailing list at 


and perhaps I will know something, or perhaps someone else who joins the
list will.  The sourceforge page for my work with code (kernel modules)
is at


or you can take a look at my own web page in my signature.  Included
there is what will likely be the final copy of my dissertation as well
as a shorter paper on the subject, and of course the actual code.


Robert Denier (denier at umr.edu)
PhD Electrical Engineering (May 2005)
University of Missouri-Rolla

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