Experiments with different firmwares when card is in Mastermode.

Jerry mrcool
Fri Mar 11 04:49:25 PST 2005


I have tried most of all the flavors of firmware, and indeed, 1.7.4 seems to
be the best overall, with the least problems.

1.4.9 works good as a client or AP, but does not do WPA or WDS, also a dlink
WRTG AP can cause a 1.4.9 firmware radio to roam to a complete different
essid if the signal from the WRTG is strong enough.  This has caused me to
have to physically default-reset some CB3s because someone nearby bought a
WRTG.  This was the only way to get them to associate back to the correct
essid (and they were set correctly).

1.5.6 is pretty good firmware too.  Works good as an AP, and does WDS, but
not WPA.  Dont know if it has the roaming issue as 1.4.9 above.  1.5.6 does
preform reasonably well, and seems stable.

1.7.4 solves the roaming issue mentioned above (thanks Eje -->
www.wisp-router.com).  It also does WDS and WPA.  The performance of the
1.7.4 radios is strong, and seems quite stable.  Personally I recommend
1.7.4, but wouldnt risk changing a 1.5.6 radio to anything else.

1.8.x  just doesnt work for me.   Everytime i have tried to use that
firmware,  things just dont work, clients cant associate, etc.  I DO NOT
recomment 1.8.x.  <--For what its worth.  :)

There is my 2 pence, if anyone cares...  ;)

Good luck


> I downgraded to 1.7.4, also i could not find change log of firmwares.
> -ajeet.
> Bobby Curnow wrote:
> > Did you ever get this resolved, or have to downgrade the secondary
> > firmware to 1.7.4?
> > Bob C
> >
> > On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Ajeet Nankani wrote:
> >
> >
> >>There are some differences in operation of the prism2.5 pc-card when
> >>different firmwares are used, at least in master(Access Point) mode.
> >>
> >>Here are my observations,
> >>
> >>PC-card in master mode.
> >>Pri 1.1.1
> >>Sec 1.8.0 or 1.8.3
> >>Authentication request from STA to Authentication Response from AP takes
> >>around 5ms to 70ms
> >>(Re)Association request from STA to (Re)Association response from AP
> >>takes around 100ms to 150ms
> >>
> >>PC-card in master mode.
> >>Pri 1.1.1
> >>Sec 1.7.4
> >>Authentication request from STA to Authentication Response from AP takes
> >>around 1ms to 2ms
> >>(Re)Association request from STA to (Re)Association response from AP
> >>takes around 1ms to 2ms
> >>
> >>So I guess 1.7.4 is the all time best to use.
> >>
> >>Does anybody have similar or different experiences?
> >>Does anybody know of any bug(s) with 1.7.4?
> >>I could not find on internet that what they have changed/improved from
> >>1.7.4 to 1.8.x
> >>Does anybody know about firmware change log?
> >>Jouni, any comments on above results, questions.
> >>
> >>-ajeet.
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