AW: AW: pccard (Linksys WPC11) resets constantly

Mario Premke Premke
Thu Mar 10 07:08:40 PST 2005

> eject, kill cardmgr and unload all pcmcia related modules first.

I always start with a new booted system (kernel&fs on floppy)

> > Jan 24 21:22:49 linux cardmgr[3891]: socket 0: Anonymous Memory
> > Jan 24 21:22:49 linux cardmgr[3891]: executing: 'modprobe memory_cs
> Reason or another cardmgr try to use memory_cs instead of hostap_cs.

OK, perhabs I will update to kernel 2.4.29 ... as I have no ideas any more I assume there are some incompatibilies in the kernel pcmcia driver and the pcmcia-cs programs ?!?


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