example config for wired?

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Wed Mar 9 23:12:45 PST 2005

> Hi,
> I would like to give wpa_supplicant, hostapd and freeswan
> a try in a wired setup. preferable with eap-tls and maybe
> even using smart cards. has anyone done something like this
> and could give a working example config?

A config for wired setup for hostapd is included in hostapd directory.
But i think hostpad is not enough for an working authenticator. You
need pae module. Its an extension for hostapd that enables hostapd to
work in wired environments. I can send you the source of pae module. 
There will be a sourceforge project for this module soon. I will 
anounce this in this mailing list.

wpa_supplicant also supports wired environment. But i didn't know
any config.


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