Holger Schurig hs4233
Wed Mar 9 00:00:19 PST 2005

> Hi,
> I checked auth_algs parameter in the config file & tried all the
> possibilities (1,2,3), but nothing worked.
> Is there a way to block dhcp broadcast requests ?
> My requirement is : get an IP through DHCP after authentication.
> I am really in the dark here.Any pointers ?

Your e-mail is not something that is easy to answer. You have a weird 
subject, that bears no relation to the text --- at least none that I 
could see.

Anyway: some DHCP clients for Linux can try to get an IP and if this 
doesn't work, fork to the background and try again getting IP once every 

Please concentrate on your problems. If you have problems with IP 
settings, you don't need to specify the auth_algs parameters, they are 
unrelated. But maybe specify your environment, e.g. which distribution 
your have (Debian, SuSE, etc) and how the configuration file for your 
interface eth1/wlan0/ath0 etc) looks like.

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