Implementation of EAP-PSK

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Tue Mar 8 20:08:16 PST 2005

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 04:09:06PM +0100, Dario Tonesi wrote:

> I need some info about wpa_supplicant and EAP-PSK.
> 1) Have any of you used wpa_supplicant to authenticate with EAP-PSK?

Yes, I have tested it.

> 2) Do you know which authentication server implements EAP-PSK?

There is a patch for FreeRADIUS to implement support for an old version
of the EAP-PSK draft. I'm not aware of any newer server side

> I'm using as client: wpa_supplicant 0.3.6 (it is supposed to implements EAP-PSK)
> with madwifi (driver) on Linux kernel version 2.4.27.
> The authentication server is a patched versione of FreeRADIUS (downloaded from
> that is supposed to support EAP-PKS.
> Unfortunately, even if it looks like I set every parameter correctly, I cannot
> autheticate the client to the network by means of EAP-PSK.

This would indeed be the patch I mentioned above and the one I used to
successfully test EAP-PSK with wpa_supplicant.. I have to admit that
this was a long time ago, so something may have changed after this.

> Could any of you please help me?

Please send debug log from both FreeRADIUS and wpa_supplicant and the
relevant parts of the configuration files for EAP-PSK.

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