WPA PSK-key length problem?

Holger Schurig hs4233
Mon Mar 7 23:42:23 PST 2005

> This is the WPA IE wpa_supplicant is trying to use and I did not see
> any AssocInfo events updating it.

There was one, I just had little output for it:

Setting authentication timeout: 5 sec 0 usec

I now output more info, it now looks like:

wpa_driver_hermes_associate: priv=0x58538 freq=0 pairwise_suite=2 
group_suite=2 key_mgmt_suite=1 auth_alg=1 mode=0
   ssid - hexdump_ascii(len=7):
     4d 4e 46 55 4e 4b 32                              MNFUNK2
   wpa_ie - hexdump(len=24): dd 16 00 50 f2 01 01 00 00 50 f2 02 01 00 00 
50 f2 02 01 00 00 50 f2 02

> Could you please verify with a 
> wireless sniffer that the WPA IE in Association Request matches with
> this one?

I will try this. Also I will look at the WPA IE that Windows XP uses.

> The AP will verify that they do and will reject 4-Way 
> Handshake if there is a mismatch.

This seems to be the case here. :-(

> Did you get the same error with the newer version of the AP firmware?

Yes, I had this with 12.3(2)JA2 and with some older 12.2(xxx) firmware.

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