Poor performance when using WDS with a Senao NL-3054CB3 802.11g repeater

Ian McDonald imcdnzl
Fri Mar 4 19:03:25 PST 2005

It's almost like you are dropping down to .b speed (11 Mbit). In
theory g is 5 x times faster than b and if you get half the
performance by repeating it should be 10 times slower - which is what
you are getting!

Remember that if you have any b gear on the network it will often all
drop down to that speed....

On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 18:42:36 -0800, Josh Green <josh at resonance.org> wrote:
> Hello, I have built a custom Linux wireless bridge/access point using
> hostap.  I'm using 2 PCMCIA Senao SL-2011CDPLUS cards with kernel
> 2.6.11rc2 on the mips platform.  I upgraded the firmware on both cards
> to v1.1.1 (primary) and v1.7.4 (station).  If I connect with a client
> machine directly, everything works great and I can copy a file from the
> device at about 600KBytes per second or so.
> Now I'd like to add a Senao NL-3054CB3 802.11g repeater to extend the
> coverage of my Linux access point.  I configure it for WDS putting in
> the MAC of my embedded Linux system.  Then I add a WDS link to the
> hostap driver with the MAC of the Senao repeater.  The link works, but
> if I do a file copy I get about 40KBytes per second!
> Any ideas why I'm getting such poor performance with WDS?  I know that
> the bandwidth is essentially halved when doing this, but I would expect
> a little more than 40K/s :(  Are there any parameters that I should
> tweak to try and fix this?  I messed with the beacon interval and made
> it 1000ms instead of 100, but that didn't seem to help any noticeable
> amount.
> Best regards,
>         Josh Green
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