[RESEND] [patch] wpa_supplicant + madwifi can't associate to non-WEP network

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo
Fri Mar 4 02:13:15 PST 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
>>The attached patch fixes the problem by explicitly enabling and
>>disabling WEP in the driver when set_drop_unencrypted() is called.
> [...] 
> A patch with similar effect, but correct place for the operation (i.e.,
> associate handler) was committed to CVS couple of days ago. This works
> for me and is currently in the development branch. I'll merge it into
> other branches after some more testing. If you would like to speed this
> up, please test whether the current development snapshot works.


Sorry for the delay in replying, I was out of the country and didn't 
have access to this particular wireless network.

Yes, today's development snapshot seems to work fine. I was able to 
associate to the unsecured wireless network I was talking about (can't 
test anything other than this, e.g. WEP, here though).


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