configuring wireless connection - beginner

Jun Sun jsun
Thu Jun 30 08:58:02 PDT 2005

On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 05:11:44PM -0500, Jay Strauss wrote:
> > One is DOS file and the other is Unix file.
> > 
> > If you have any suggestion on improving the flashing howto, please let me
> > know.  It seems to me the howto should have answered all your other questions.
> > 
> > Jun
> The uppercase file is the DOS file?
> Should I have been able to tell that it was a DOS file on my own (this 
> was not typed sarcastically)?

My impression is that both versions work with ether window tool and 
linux tool.  (Any confirmation?)  I point this out just to explain
your observation, not that it matters for flashing - of course unless I am
wrong my about assumption.


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