WPA-PSK + hidden essid + ipw2200 1.0.4 + wpa_supplicant 0.4.2 problem

Samuel Díaz García samueldg
Mon Jun 20 16:49:15 PDT 2005

Hi guys, this is my config: 

* Debian 3.1 (stable)
* kernel 2.6.12 with some patches:
  1) imq
  2) some patch-o-matic
  3) orinoco rfmon
  4) swsusp2
* iptables 1.3.1 with the same kernel pom patches
* wpa_supplicant 0.4.2
* ipw2200 1.0.4 with some patches:
  1) geography patch (needed for my country=Spain)
  2) mode_sw_reset patch (I use kismet and others)
  3) ethertype patch (for compile under 2.6.12)
* ipw2200 fw 2.3 (obviously) 

  1) All patched, compiled and installed fine.
  2) I use a hidden essid AP with WPA-PSK (TKIP+AES) 

The problem:
  1) I use wpa_supplicant with a working wpa_supplicant.config file (tested 
with current madwifi drivers in the same machine without problems).
  2) My ipw2915 appears to negotiate fine the connections but disconnects 
always (no more than 2/3 seconds connected to the AP).
  3) After 5 or 6 attemps, no more attemps detected.
  4) dmesg say me after that:
Jun 20 23:33:09 sdg01 kernel: ieee80211: eth1: Unknown management packet: 0 

I think the problem isn't wpa_supplicant, because is working fine with 
madwifi, the same wpa_supplicant.config file and the same AP on channel 13. 

With wpa_supplicant 0.3.8/0.3.9 and ipw2200 1.0.3 (I don't remember patches 
applied against this now) it works after a command like:
  iwconfig eth1 channel 13
Without more problems. 

Taking a tour over ipw220 bugs, I found many patches expected to be merged 
into 1.0.5, but I can't apply all (or I know the correct order to apply 

I'm experienced the same problem with a broadcasted essid with WEP keys (and 
another wpa_supplicant config file). I used configs files as "Wireless 
networks profiles" to use easy scripts. 

Any sugestion/patch/idea on how to solve the problem? 

Thanks for your help. 

Samuel D?az Garc?a
Director Gerente
ArcosCom Wireless, S.L.L. 

mailto:samueldg at arcoscom.com
m?vil: 651 93 72 48
tlfn.: 956 70 13 15
fax:   956 70 34 83 

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