Bridge help

Mentor mentor111
Mon Jun 20 14:12:25 PDT 2005

I have this situation:

[ wlan ]----(AP)


              wlan0(my linux box)eth1--------ethernet 

and i need to bridge wlan "connected" to ap and my ethernet network.

How can i make this?

i tred that :

I installed wlan card (prism 2.5 using HostAP) in my linux box  and kick it to managed mode (then wlan0 is connect to ap) , then i make br0 (if: wlan0+eth1). But bidge doesn't work, only broadcast packets from wlan(AP) can go to ethernet but same packets from ethernet to wlan(AP) no. O.o

maby i must try WDS ? if yes , plz gimme example how i can do this   
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