WPA on prism54

Jan Satko satko
Wed Jun 15 08:28:13 PDT 2005

> > Can you please look at hostapd WPA support for prism54 cards ?
> > I do lot of work with creating specially kernel for me (for wireless
> > routing) with prism54 support (WE 18) and now i'm just waiting :-(
> It looked like the version in Linux 2.6.11 does not include support for
> number of things needed for hostapd operations. In addition, development
> for that driver did not look very active anymore. As such, I don't know
> whether I should be spending much time with it unless there is people
> who are willing to use time on continuing the development of the driver
> with WPA support in mind and making sure that the Linux kernel has a
> version that can be used with hostapd.

I have 2.4.31 (current 2.4 kernel). I know that driver originally included
in kernel is not compatible with hostapd. But as I say  I downloaded patch
+ src from http://www.prism54.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/trunk/ and hostapd
works. But not with WPA.  I think it will be working but hostapd (seems to
me) want start WPA incorectly (with that kernel driver).

If there is no other way, can you please tell me which driver is OK for
running hostapd with WPA ?  I need WPA-PEAP and 802.11g support from the
driver (and card also).

Thank you.

   Bc. Jan 'EIS' Satko       Slovak University of Agriculture
 network & system manager            Tr. A. Hlinku 2
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