0.4.1 doesn't work but 0.4.0 does

Petros Kolyvas pkolyvas
Sun Jun 12 11:11:19 PDT 2005

Linuxer Wang wrote:
> Hello, all
> My notebook is Acer Aspire 1680 and the wireless card is ipw2200. I am
> working on Fedora Core 4.
> I installed 0.4.1, and when "dhclient eth1", it can't associate with my
> access point and can't get a ip address. Then I installed 0.4.0, the
> same configuration and all other things are the same, this time, it
> works very well.
> What infomation should I provide for you to locate the problem and fix it?
> Yours,

0.4.1 does not work with the ipw2200 without an additional patch. Please
see the attached message from an ealier posting to the mailing list. You
can also download the CVS version of wpa_supplicant as I believe the
patch has been incorporated for the not-yet-released 0.4.2 devel
snapshot as per the wpa_supplicant changelog.

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