reconnection problems

deva seetharam tagsense
Sun Jun 12 00:31:20 PDT 2005

i am trying to setup a 2-node (1 running in master
mode and the other one running in managed mode)
802.11b network. both the nodes are soekris net-4521
boxes with the following identical specs:
* minimal debian linux with 2.4.29 kernel
* Engenius NL-2511CD+ EXT2 pcmcia wireless card with
firmware version 1.7.4.
* static ip address

* server runs hostapd version 0.3.7-2 and hostap
driver version 0.3.7-1
* client runs wpasupplicant version 0.4.0-1.

for those configurations, i have the following
reconnection problems:

1. if the ap is rebooted while the client is running,
the connection between client and ap is not
2. similarly, if the wlan interface on ap is restarted
, the connection doesnt get reestablished.

however, interestingly, if the client starts before
access point, the devices connect.

pls. help me in debugging/resolving this problem.


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