disable "master interface" wifi0 ??

Jim Kaba jkaba
Thu Jun 9 14:39:02 PDT 2005

Hi All,
  Is there any way to cleanly "disable" the master interface (e.g. wifi0)
that gets created and associated with the main data interface (e.g.
wlan0)?  That is, is there a clean way to have the code "revert back" to
earlier functionality -- to create and use just the wlan0 device???

  I'm currently using v0.3.7 with some Prism2.5-based cards.  I'm really
only using WLAN station functionality (in Ad Hoc demo mode) -- not using
the security and "host AP" features at all.  I recently upgraded from some
much older versions to get access to some wireless extensions.

  I'm working with some code in the (Linux) networking stack that is
tightly integrated with hostap and its operation -- but I'm trying to use
just the API exposed by hostap to do this (i.e. trying to invoke certain
functionality/behavior without relying on modifications to the driver.) 
The trip that a data packet takes through the system (...down the
networking stack, through the wlan0 queue, through the hostap driver, back
into the wifi0 queue, back into the hostap driver, to the hardware, then
out the door) is causing me a bit of grief.

  Is there an easy and convenient way to short circuit things...or am I
much better off going back to an earlier version?  I'm not rushing to make
the backward leap because I may want to power up some security features in
the near future...


James T. Kaba                   
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