A bunch of new firmwares, including 1.8.4

Chris Rankin rankincj
Thu Jun 9 14:04:15 PDT 2005

--- Pavel Roskin <proski at gnu.org> wrote:
> secondary:
> ru010801.hex
> rf010802.hex
> sf010804.hex
> su010804.hex
> primary:
> pf010101.hex
> po010104.hex
> pu010104.hex

Wow, new USB firmware :-). The primary USB firmware is the more interesting because 1.1.2 has
definite bugs regarding reading the control pipe, resetting etc. It would be nice if at least some
of this misbehaviour were fixed.

I am more sceptical about flashing my USB adapter up to 1.8.4, because when running any 1.8.x so
far (RAM firmware) it has always been forced to talk to a hostap-driven AP at only 1Mbps, while
any earlier firmware has chatted happily away in 11 Mbps mode. (I don't understand why hostap
hates 1.8.x so much; it keeps trying to increase the speed but immediately drops back down to 1
Mbps again. All in all, it's very annoying.)


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