<a lill off topic> how to see wpa-radius secret key

alfred hitch alfred.hitch
Wed Jun 8 02:28:37 PDT 2005

How can I see secret key (to be used for PMK) being used at RADIUS (
sent  from supplicant ) ..

radiusd -Xyz isnt showing the key being used and sent across . only
MS-MPPE time packet dump ..

I know its a little off topic and I apologise for same, but please
point to me where to see this in logs of radius . . ?

I am having some difficulty in having wpa_supplicant work with free
radius server ..

Getting MIC failure at 2nd step of 4 way handshake .. 

The MS-MPPE key dumps at radius are totally different from dumps I see
in supplicant of: "EAP-PEAP: Derived Key - ..........."


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