Question of hostapd Enterprise mode wo/ radius

Elton Li elton
Mon Jun 6 21:52:43 PDT 2005


I am new to hostapd project, so some questions might be too simple, 
anyway, any comment will be more than welcome.

Basically I am trying to port hostap (enterprise mode) to a non-radius 
environment, which means, I would like to keep all the 
associations/actions between supplicant and authenticator while just use 
a 'predefined username/password pair' as PMK (all users shared one 
username/password). The reason of doing that is, I would like to first 
utilies 4-way handshaking/pmk-2-ptk/rekey scheme then goto full 802.1x 

My question is, is that possible to do by following above scheme? If it 
is OK, where shall I begin this process? there are a lot code related to 
acl/accounting/redius client/server, shall I just comment those stuff 
out, replace all send-to-radius-function to return success?

Thanks in advance!

-- Elton

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