record mismatch during `prism2_srec -v`...

John Saroglou johny
Mon Jun 6 12:36:28 PDT 2005


On Sun, 5 Jun 2005 07:59:12 -0700, Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at> wrote:
  > On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 12:30:31AM -0400, John Saroglou wrote:
  > > I'm in the process of upgrading prismII firmware (primary+station) on
  > > my card and wondering if the following is safe to ignore and proceed
  > > with `prism2_srec -v -f` action (to avoid frying the card):
  > > 
  > > Plugging PDR 0x0001 at 0x007e14cc (len=16)
  > > Plug record length mismatch (PDR=0x0001): 12 != 16
  > > ==> extend from default
  > > PRI: old iface 1:4-4 new iface 1:4-4
  > I haven't seen this causing any problems. Anyway, if you want to be
  > sure, you should be able to download a RAM version of the firmware first
  > and verify that everything works before using the flash version.

Would your recommendation accurately describe (genesis mode) the
following steps?

# prism2_srec -gs wlan0 ak010104.hex rf010704.hex  (SAFE to perform no matter what)
# hostap_diag wlan0				   (should include new PRIID and STAID)


# cardctl eject 0
# cardctl insert 0
# hostap_diag wlan0				    (should show old PRIID and STAID)
# `prism2_srec -v -f ak010104.hex rf010704.hex` iff (step1 returned OK)

Also what version of station firmware would you recommend upgrading to?
1.7.4 vs 1.8.0?

What are the differences?
Does 1.8.0 hide ESSID?



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