AR5112 card working with madwifi-bsd, hostapd-0.4.1, wpa_supplicant-0.4.1(andopenssl-0.9.7g)

Victor Yeo yeosv
Mon Jun 6 01:05:07 PDT 2005

hi Beat Meier,

I am using WPA-PSK, i enter the wpa_passphrase in ascii format, such as:


are you saying that this won't work? How do i generate a password and used it for wpa_passphrase? What command to use??

Please give an example. Many thanks.

  NOTES: Have you tried to set radio card to one mode only i.e. for example only 802.11g
  istead of auto on both sides?
  If you are using a firewall and set the ip adress of the interface you must restart the firewall
  so that the rules are reloaded so the network is ok (ping etc.) but of course nothing to to
  with wireless auth. 
  Is using WPA-PSK how did you enter the pwd? I hade problems because the ssid is in the pw
  of hostapd i.e.
  wpa_passphrase="secret_pw" in hostapd.conf
  psk="secret_pw" in wpa_supplicant conf
  does not work!
  I've generated a pw with
  wpa_passphrase <ssid> <passphrase>
  and used this at both ends
  on hostapd now it is also psk="" stanza
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