Wireless Communication Between two APs?

Jon Schuringa jon.schuringa
Sun Jun 5 11:51:08 PDT 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:

>On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 12:24:47PM +0200, Jon Schuringa wrote:
>>I'm building a self-organizing Ad-hoc network based on hostap. In order 
>>to automatically setup WDS-links between APs (which operate in managed 
>>mode), these APs need first to negotiate. The problem is that I can send 
>>but not receive packets (I sniffed on a client computer). So my 
>>question: can two managed mode APs within the same ESSID send packets to 
>>each other over the wireless link?
>I don't know what you mean with "managed mode AP". Two IEEE 802.11
>access points can send data frames to eachother using 4-address WDS
>frames. If you want to send something before starting up WDS link, you
>could use management frames (authenticate, association req/resp). What
>do you want to negotiate before setting up WDS links?
Thanks for the reply! I will try to express myself better.
With "managed" I mean "iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed".

And yes, I want to send something before starting the WDS link. The 
protocol I work on selects which APs should setup a WDS link. This is 
based on certain criteria and needs to be negotiated between the APs. 
The APs also learn the other AP MAC address in this process, which is 
then used to setup the WDS link.

Now, maybe my question has not directly to do with HostAP, but in my 

    int sendto(...); and
    int recv(...);

Do not work between two APs using wlan0. (It works over a WDS link)
Is this normal behaviour? If yes, could I use management frames to do 
the job?

Jon Schuringa

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