authentication failure. what means EAP "packets were not identical"?

Tilman Schoop tschoop
Fri Jun 3 11:46:07 PDT 2005

Hi all,

please can anyone explain me the following message from wpa_supplicant's

I have the problem that a client (wpa_supplicant 0.3.8, ndiswrapper)
does not authenticate with an Cisco AP (secured with LEAP+TKIP).
It tries ever and ever again with no result.
Unfortunately I don't have an access to neither AP nor RADIUS logs.
So at the moment I do not know what is happening in the "backend".
I tried to analyse the wpa_supplicant's logs and have found the
following sequence after the username/password for LEAP are sent and
the answer is expected:

EAP: EAP entering state RECEIVED
EAP: Received EAP-Failure
EAP: AS used the same Id again, but EAP packets were not identical
EAP: workaround - assume this is not a duplicate packet
EAP: EAP entering state FAILURE
EAPOL: SUPP_PAE entering state HELD

What is the meaning of this error message with the workaround?
Can this be a cause for my problem (i.e. no authentication)?
How can I solve this?
or is this just a warning that can be ignored and the real cause is a
negative authentication response?

any help appreciated ...



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