AR5112 card working with madwifi-bsd, hostapd-0.4.1, wpa_supplicant-0.4.1(and openssl-0.9.7g)

Sebastian Weitzel togg
Thu Jun 2 15:37:32 PDT 2005

> Only problem is that if the client disconnects the following errors from
> driver_madwifi.c of hostapd are logged:
> ioctl[IEE80211_IOCTL_DELKEY]: Invalied argument
> ioctl[IEE80211_IOCTL_DELKEY]: Invalied argument
> ioctl[IEE80211_IOCTL_SETMLME]: Invalied argument

Good to hear it works. The delkey warning is because madwifi already 
cleaned up the node structure internally and so also freed the key's. 
Hostap tries to del the keys on it's own, probably to be sure they are 

The setmlme can probably be ignored.

Sebastian Weitzel

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