trying again ... help

and hansen and0806
Thu Jun 2 06:52:12 PDT 2005

> Please, even the *smallest* suggestion about what to
> look at to figure 
> out why wpa_supplicant (3.8 and 4.1) doesn't
> associate using WEP from 
> two different computers and two different drivers
> (ndiswrapper and 
> madwifi) on those computers would be of enormous
> help.
> something I can look at in kismet or print out in
> the -dd debug output?
> Surely somebody has gone through this and got it
> working ...

I think that the madwifi part of the hostapd code
is broken :(
I am fighting to get hostapd in wpa-psk mode
to work with madwifi, but no success and my output
looks a little like yours
see the post "Wep doesn't work with atheros 5212" from
Beat Meier, but if you only want a simple wep solution
then you can use the madwifi driver itself (at the ap)
iwconfig ath0 key restricted
iwpriv ath0 authmode 2
then simple wep is used on the madwifi ap

The wpa_supplicant is working, a perfekt application
and pretty sure that Jouni Malinen
has his hands full at the moment ;)

Best Regards
Lasse Jensen

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