hostapd prism54 driver (wg511)

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Thu Jun 2 02:12:15 PDT 2005

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> On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 01:55:18PM +0200, weisenhorn at
> wrote:
>> Im looking for doing a AP with my laptop the wirelless card is a WG511
>> that work fine
>> But for my job I want to use it with freeRadius so i use hostapd deamon
>> but it don't work and i don't know why ?
>> when i start hostapd i have this following errors :
>> Configuration file: eth1.conf
>> Opening raw packet socket for ifindex 4
>> ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX): No such device
>> prism54 driver initialization failed.
> Is this really the output with the configuration file you sent? The
> configuration file needs to have driver=prism54 line in it and that was
> not present in what you sent.. In addition, I don't think non-WPA modes
> have received much, if any, testing, so they may not work. In addition,
> your configuration file did not really match with the comment about
> FreeRADIUS, since RADIUS was not being used..
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Yes the configuration file is used to start hostapd like this:
$ hostapd eth1.conf
I have add the line driver=prism54 but it don't work .
Yes I have not add the line for FreeRadius because i want at first
start correctely the deamon !

I have question about it does the wireless card in Monitor mode before
starting hostapd ?

I have start hostapd with strace and for the line
-> ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX): No such device
i have :
ioctl(4,SIOCGIFINDEX,{???,"ethlap"})=-1 ENODEV (no such device)
what is ethlap ?

could i have another minimal configuration file to know if it is my file is
wrong or not ?


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