wpa_supplicant WPA problems with IPW2200 + Trapeze MX AP & concentrator

Rob Vandermeulen rob.vandermeulen
Thu Jul 28 10:28:20 PDT 2005

I already posted this before, but i managed too analyze the sniffing logs a 
bit and might have found some pointers 

To recap the problem : 

I have a problem connecting to a WPA enabled access point using 
WPA-PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2. The access points in question are a Trapeze MX system 
with a few antennas/dumbAPs connected. The connection works perfectly on an 
IPW2220 on WinXP with the latest Intel drivers, so the configuration is not 
The backend is a FreeRadius server. I tested multiple laptops (Acer TM8003 
with ipw1.0.6 (ipw2200 card) and wpasupplicant 0.3.9 & 0.4.3 & CVS , and a few 
IBM T43 with ipw2200 cards, tried using 1.0.6 , 1.0.3 of the ipw2200 driver 
also) . All combinations of drivers / wpa_supplicant give an ssl error and 
fail to correctly authenticate. I attached logs + packet captures of a 
ipw2200 client trying to connect and an xp client connecting. We hope to get 
this working as we have a few hundred IBM thinkpad notebooks that will need 
to work with wpa secured wireless under linux.

My attempt at analyzing the sniffer logs :
Both XP and linux associate fine with the AP, but then the differences 
The XP log shows the AP sending the first EAP packet to the client, and 
doesn't show the client sending an EAPOL packet. The linux box does send an 
EAPOL start packet, and then shows the client sending the first EAP packet, 
not the other way around like XP. In fact, with wpa_supplicant i don't see 
any EAP packets arriving from the AP.

I would appreciate any input you guys can give me, because people are starting 
to nag why there shiny expensive wlan infrastructure doesn't work :)

Btw - the anonymous id wpa_supplicant sends in the logs is different then the 
one XP sends, but they both work (tested). The AP accepts any identity in the 
first run. The cpatures were made with an ipw2200 in monitor mode.

Kind Regards
Rob Vandermeulen

Logs (ap logs + ethereal packet captures are here) : 
mac of XP box ends with 9c:39
linux box is
trapeze mx ends with 17:80

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