disassoc. not being sent ?

alfred hitch alfred.hitch
Thu Jul 28 05:08:35 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I am observing that if I run the wpa_supplicant , say in wpa-radius mode.
association / handshake completes.

Then I press control-C to kill the process . 
from the traces also (and AP side logs / terminal access I have) .. 
disassociation / deauthentication function at the wpa_supplicant wasnt called.

keys were set to null, port state reset etc .. message did come ..

Infact I dont see the eloop_run come out .. 

This, I have observed some times only .. 
and at this stage AP assumes that client is still connected .. 
I have had to restart AP side driver etc .. 

1) Any known issues ? 
2) Can some one correct me if I am wrong but the code path is
something like this for control-C ?
attached signal handler called .. which set eloop.terminating = 1
the eloop_run which is on a while comes out for this condition.

calls disassoc, function etc .. 
correct ? any other path it can hit ? I see a call for disassoc. from
event handlers from driver, but that isnt the case apparently this
time .. whatever , why isnt disassoc. message going to AP ?

3) In which all cases will be deauth function called ? disassoc. ?? 


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