What is IE ID 221 in probe response?

Denis Vlasenko vda
Thu Jul 28 01:16:40 PDT 2005

On Thursday 28 July 2005 10:43, Bar, Eitan wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> This IE belongs to a feature called 4X that is supported on AP that contain TI chipsets. It uses the same OID as WPA and WME (0xDD).

I will try to find relevant docs, but if you have them handy,
I'd appreciate if you will mail them to me.

> - Length of OID is 4. (0x04)
> - OUI is TI's OIU (0x080028).
> - The last 0x00 probably indicates this feature is turned off.
> In anyway, the parser should ignore this OUI and simply continue parsing other IEs.

It does exactly this (apart from printing a message to syslog)

> Hope this helps.


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