PCMCIA 802.11g + WEP in Debian Sarge?

John Buttery john
Mon Jul 25 18:34:23 PDT 2005

  I hate to ask this type of question on a technical mailing list, but I
just can't seem to parse the information that's out there into a short
list of things to find at the store (or when I do, I find that the
things I'm looking for are outdated and no longer on the shelves...), so
here goes...

  I'm looking for a PCMCIA 802.11g card that will work, with WEP, in
Debian Sarge.  For those of you familiar with Debian terminology, I'm
looking for something that can work using only packages in "main".  For
me personally, I can handle downloading/compiling some source and
getting something else working, but the unit for whom I'll be
recommending these cards is not comprised of people who can, um, well
you know the story.  :)  Basically, high performance is not an issue as
long as the card will associate with an 802.11g access point with WEP
enabled and pass packets.  802.11b support is of course very highly
desirable as well.  Of course, the more it can do, the better...but the
basic requirements are pretty, well, basic.

  Any recommendations you guys can give would be greatly appreciated;
again, sorry for asking a sales question on a technical list but I'm
pretty much out of ideas.  :)

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