Need current pci 802.11 hostap recommendation

Robert Denier denier
Fri Jul 22 23:37:27 PDT 2005

Can someone give me a recommendation on a pci card and maybe someplace
that has it for a card that supports hostap in master mode?

The SMC2602W I just bought from was an AMD alchemy chipset
from what I remember of an earlier quick test.  (I think that number was
recommended earlier.)

Basically does anyone sell prism 2/2.5/3 pci cards anymore?  I
personally liked the netgear cards I used to buy for it, but they don't
seem to be readily available anymore.

For my application reliability is more important than cost.

I assume there is no current support for the faster standards in master
mode in linux.  If this is incorrect let me know.  My application is
based on using a cell phone network card as the source so the increase
in speed isn't critical, but perhaps some people would prefer
communication between pc's to use the faster network.


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